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I have never been so disgusted in my life.

What is my particular comment to this shit-show we call a contest?

"Dear Deviant art and its cronies:

Your new bone-headed move to become associated with a power-hungry-ethically-challenged-morally-defunct corporation will bite you in the? Just like the Suicide Girls will feel the sting when Lithium Picnic finally shows them you can't always "step" on the little guy (and trust me... he will). Re-think your decision to do this, or I can tell you, you will lose members, money AND reputation. I hope whatever blood money you are getting can cover those loses. I doubt it though. (insert expletive here) you.

Viva the picnic!"

Want my new avatar?:…

What I would like to know, is why the fuck Deviant art is supporting a group that SUES ITS MODELS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS. Not just that mind you... but by becoming associated with the suicide girls, when lithium picnic and Apnea are ALREADY members... its basically a big "fuck you" to ALL models and photographers and their rights! So. Do I stay and put up with this bullshit? I ask you... as the deviants who watch me. Do I stay? As a photographer myself... I truly feel conflicted. I need you all to sound off on this one.

Please go visit Lithium and send him your love.

If you can.... go to the thread and post a little "Viva!" on the comments section.

Thanks guys.
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So I didn't really update. Sorry to say... but I was busy being sick. I think everyone was. XD
Well... good news is that I am taking a casting class, and a metal anodizing class this semester, so I should be producing some interesting work there. Also Ms. Holly Hotness and I have decided to do ONE PHOTO SHOOT A MONTH.
Yes folks... thats right. Who knows if we can keep it up.... I'd really like to. But you never know. With that in mind, we shall try and update collectively at least once a month. AH!
Here's to 2008! Cheers!

PS: What kind of photo shoot do you want to see?
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I've done so many shoots my head is permanently cocked to the side.
I know.
I haven't posted ANYTHING.
But for those of you that have been watching me long enough, you know that I LOVE to post in large batches. But the good news is that because I have so much to post, I can do a few large uploads over the holidays. That includes jewelry and photography. So something for everyone.

I want to try a lil bitty experiment though.

I'm not sure how many people pay attention to my journals and when I update. So those of you that do, please let me know what your plans for the holidays are. Also let me know what you've been thinking about my work this last year. If you have the time of course.

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And losts more to come!

Man this has been a great semester for producing work. With my two classes "mechanical devices" and "stone setting" we have to have a piece or a crazy complicated sample EACH WEEK! AH! So that just means more for you guys to ogle at! ;)

I've been taking LOTS of photos as well!

This is going to be good!
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So I got my camera... if you didn't already know.

My new shots of my work were all taken by me... with my new camera!
So excited.

I am getting a few jobs (kind of) as a result of this new camera. People are finally paying attention to me and what I can do. I am starting to gain the confidence in my work to finally go for those proper paying gigs. I seriously hope I can pull off being a successful photographer and a successful jeweler. Let's all cross our fingers!
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Let me count the ways.

Wait never mind.

Anyways, some of you may remember my Rawlinson project commission? That huge cotract that I won?
Well. I lost it. For reasons I'm not entirely sure of. Oh well. There goes 2500 bucks DOWN THE DRAIN.
I love it how people feel that can a) screw around with students and b) screw around with artists. F***ing fascists.


Good news now.

I found a new model, who is AWESOME. She is a great sport too. I want to get her and my muse holly-hotness to do a shoot together. Maybe I'll take them out for bubble tea together.


NEW CAMERA (possibly) its like 95% confirmed... but I get a KICK ASS new camera and lenses to go with. This is going to take my stuff to the next level. I'm certain.
They say someone is only as good as the things they have to work with, and I feel I am at the pinnacle of what I can do with what I have. So a new camera means more shoots... more fun... and more art! Yay!

Also... school starts soon so that means more jewelry!

If I get my loans...
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So... I get off work... decided to "quickly" check dev art... and WHAM...

600 new messages?!

I took a screen shot cause I thought it was a joke...

APPARENTLY... someone nominated my city ring for daily deviation. AND WON!

I have no idea what this means other then the MILLIONS of AWESOME and HEART WARMING comments I have been getting.

I can't keep up guys!

Every time I refresh I easily get 300 more messages!

I'm so happy people love my work!

Just thought I would try and address everyone's comments at once.... before I got to bed finally...


when it comes to that piece.... that means the world to me.
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So the summer hasn't been as busy as I thought it was going to be. On the bright side I won a great commission and I'm working with Kalen, who I really respect. I feel like we had some great competition from a few really great artists, and the fact that my group won, just makes me feel awesome. I'll be posting production photos for awhile I'm sure. Well I hope anyways.
It been damn hot lately, so I've hauled myself in my room, trying to escape the heat. I've also been playing world of warcraft online. Scary.

Anyways, I hope everyone's summer is going well. Cheers!
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I am updating finally!

I got in the studio to photograph some of my metalwork that I have been dabbling in. Oh I am excited!

I can't wait!

(keep checking back)
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A friend of mine is spreading the word on fellow artist here on DA, and I am included on that list. But in order to help spread the love for the OTHERS on that list, I am posting a link to her journal entry. I want everyone to go check it out, and show some love to these hard working people.
Ta for now!…
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Yeah You now get a slew of updates, because finally I worked through getting all my images the way I want them. They are now fit for you to see. I really hope you like it all.

My seven deadly sins was a learning experience, and a lot of fun. Holly  is my muse, but when you see how versatile she is you understand. Trev was a god send giving me some awesome looks to work with. I would love to do that again.

All the jewelry was stuff I did over the last 3 years, but I didn't get some of it photographed properly until last semester.

The city ring is and will be forever the bain of my existence. No you can't touch it!
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Okay so school has been busy, and expensive. But my photography is doing really well. I'm kicking ass in fact. So I've posted most of the projects I've submitted this semester. Some are coming later. There is also a ring design for jewelry class.
I know some of you wanted to see some of my jewelry photographed and posted, but I will be honest. This semester has not been good for my jewelry career. My teacher and I "don't get along" and I have not been able to get anything done in her class. But I am working on things outside of class and I will be photographing it soon. But for now, enjoy what I've got here, and I look forward to your comments.
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I know I promised postings from my trip to France. And I truly meant to do that. But the discovery of my new scanner, and a look into my older work inspired me to post some of my earlier darkroom work. This is stuff I really love. Some of my best work I think. I am always trying to mess with the fetish medium, and expand how I approach the topic. But this experiment was incredibly successful. In total there were about 10 shots in the Mother Series, but I have posted the "high lights" for you. This was the project that spring boarded me into the idea of a fetish photography book. I really hope you enjoy these shots, and I would really appreciate feedback.

My Return Harolds Digital Rantings

Thu Aug 17, 2006, 1:31 PM
If 3 months wasn't long enough.

So I have returned to Canada from a long stint of photograph taking, door painting, and junk hunting. I came back with scores of photographs (only a few worthy of display) and mountains of antiques and salvage to inspire me in the new school year to come. I'm actually really excited for this new year. By the suggestion of my father I think I may do a "Minervois valley" collection of jewelry peices. We shall see how it turns out. For now, you will periodically see new postings of my adventures in France. Enjoy!

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So I've now posted some new things. Some jewelry some photography. All the result of my lastest photoshoot with Holly. I've been waiting to get her infront of my camera for awhile, and it was worth the wait. It is really nice to be able to work with a model that is not afraid to try new things, take direction, but also make suggestions herself. It was great working with you Holly, and I'm sure we'll do it again!
But for now I want to take some more shots of my jewelry on a plainer back ground. Some of the peices did not turn out as well as they needed to, so I'm going to have to figure out a new way of photographing them. I guess we'll see if I get it done before my trip to Europe.
So a friend of mine convinced me finally to join up. I've been worried about the theft of my artwork, but she reassures me that I shoudl be okay. Maybe I'll water mark my stuff, or at least shrink it so its not to apealing to take. I dunno. I want to start showing it off. Encouragement is always a plus.